Welcome to Nigerian Soccer League

Nigerian Soccer League (NSL) of MD was founded in 2002. The soccer league was originally created to serve as a soccer recreation and social environment for adults and young adults in the communities it serves in the DC Metropolitan area. Over a couple years with the growing population of Africans in diaspora in the DMV metropolitan, NSL renewed its mission. The renewed mission is to develop programs to improve the quality of life for the citizens of the communities that it serves by promoting wellness and health through fitness activities; and to teach and provide children with soccer training that enhances character development, sportsmanship and cultivate leadership qualities.

NSL has served as home to many indigenes of several African countries as well as countries in the Caribbean. Since its inception, NSL has well over 400 members many of whom are still residing in same community while a few others have relocated to other places but remain supporting NSL in its endeavor.


Nigerian Soccer League (NSL) of MD is a Nonprofit organization that provide recreational health & fitness programs. Please contact the Commissioner to obtain our tax ID number.



The mission of the Nigerian Soccer League (NSL) is of several folds:

  • To provide kids both boys and girls from age 4-12 especially those considered economically disadvantaged kids with both instructional and competitive youth soccer training that will build character, instill leadership qualities and improve team work fundamentals, enhance community and promote appreciation for game of soccer, health and fitness.
  • To serve young adults and adults the opportunity to participate in soccer competitive program that enhances health and fitness, volunteer activities in providing assistance in community programs, opportunities for mentorship, and access to member professionals for networking and other business opportunities.